I’m currently reading Lyndsey Stonebridge’s “Writing & Righting: Literature in the Age of Human Rights” Oxford University Press, 2021. A short readable volume on current events melding with past events through the eyes of literature and critical thought sublime, with a thorough cast of characters….Arendt, Dunne, Woolf, Saadi, Freud, Sontag….Balibar’s…

Week 14

This is it! I’m back to work on site full time tomorrow. I hope you have enjoyed this experiment in broadening our musical lexicon. Cheers!

Day 92:
A Reason to Fight-Disturbed
Through Glass-Stone Sour
Under Your Scars-Godsmack
Blurry-Puddle of Mudd
Everlong-Foo Fighters

Day 93:
Moonlight Sonata on One Guitar-Marvin…

Week 13

Day 85:
Fake Plastic Trees-Radiohead
Freedom-George Michael
Roll Me Mama, Roll Me-Ray LaMontagne
All I Want is You-U2
Billie Jean (Michael Jackson cover)-The Civil Wars

Day 86:
When Bad Does Good-Chris Cornell
Que, Sera, Sera-Pink Martini
Daniel (Elton John cover)-Fuel
If You Could Only See-Tonic

Day 87:

Priscilla Du Preez @priscilladup on Unsplash

Do we truly understand what personhood really is? This is the most important question at the most important time in history. We have spent the past pretending personhood could be measured by success, color, intelligence, gender, etc.. We have spent thousands of years defining membership into personhood.

Personhood can never…

Week 12

Day 78:
Not that Kind-Anastasia
Used to Rule the World-Bonnie Raitt
Prove your Love-Taylor Dayne
Blood Muscle Skin and Bone-Brandi Carlile
Woman’s World-Cher

Day 79:
Vienna-Billy Joel
I Want Love-Elton John
Secret of Life-James Taylor
When We Dance-Sting
Human Nature-Michael Jackson

Day 80:
Never Gonna Break My Faith-Aretha Franklin

Week 11

Day 71:
Underdog-Alicia Keys
Blame Me-Em Davila
The Way We Were-Beyonce live tribute to Barbra Streisand
Just My Luck-Coco Jones
90 Days-P!nk ft. Wrabel

Day 72:
Hurt-Christine Aguilera
From Eden-Hozier
Saint Honesty-Sara Bareilles
Only Love-Jordan Smith
Lost Without You-Freya Ridings

Day 73:
Everybody Wants to Rule the World-Tears for…

Religion has a belief that goodness comes from being of religious faith, that goodness is only achievable through faith in God, instead of faith in self. Read that again, because if you look at history you will see this blind faith allows us to let bad people walk amongst us…

Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash

Knowledge is power, yet we have such pride in ignorance today. We are powerless when we cling to freedoms that are solely imaginary.

With no interest in critical thought, we prop up “celebrity” on imaginary statues without regard for their ability to contribute intellectually or spiritually.

Even “celebrity”, be it…

Daniel Louis Duncan

Writer, lover of 19th century history, politics and critical thought, family historian

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