Daily Confinement Song List

Daniel Louis Duncan
2 min readJul 13, 2020

Week 14

This is it! I’m back to work on site full time tomorrow. I hope you have enjoyed this experiment in broadening our musical lexicon. Cheers!

Day 92:
A Reason to Fight-Disturbed
Through Glass-Stone Sour
Under Your Scars-Godsmack
Blurry-Puddle of Mudd
Everlong-Foo Fighters

Day 93:
Moonlight Sonata on One Guitar-Marvin
I Cry-Usher
Sorry for Now-Linkin Park
Sweeter-Leon Bridges ft. Terrace Martin
Selfish Love-Jessie Ware

Day 94:
Fix You-Sam Smith
Never Really Over-Katy Perry
Wasted on You-Amy Lee ft. Lindsay Sterling
We are Warriors-Avril Lavigne
Reasons I Drink-Alanis Morissette

Day 95:
Can’t Be Loved-Elle King live on eTown
The Way that I Love You-Passenger
Break My Heart Again-Finneas
House of the Rising Sun/Amazing Grace cover-Athens Creek
Mama This One’s For You-Beth Hart **(for Elsie and Rosie-this is the mother you deserved to know without the suffering we didn’t understand she had inside)

Day 96 & 97 & 98:
What can I say about the poetry of the Indigo Girls? Brilliant wordsmiths, no one comes close!
Well…another 3 sets of 5 songs just for them after spreading 10 or more thru the 100 here. Oh…and Swamp Ophelia, Rites of Passage, and Poseidon and the Bitter Bug remain the greatest albums of all time. The Indigo Girls are an amazing gift to the world and few realize their worth.

Love Will Come to You
Let it Be Me
She’s Saving Me
The Power of Two
Least Complicated
Jonas & Ezekial
Country Radio
Language or the Kiss
The Wood Song
Shed Your Skin
Kid Fears
Prince of Darkness
Bonus: Fare Thee Well
Last Tears



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