The Measure of Our Worth

Daniel Louis Duncan
2 min readJun 14, 2020
Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash

Knowledge is power, yet we have such pride in ignorance today. We are powerless when we cling to freedoms that are solely imaginary.

With no interest in critical thought, we prop up “celebrity” on imaginary statues without regard for their ability to contribute intellectually or spiritually.

Even “celebrity”, be it politician or artist, has devolved into anyone who amasses great wealth devoid of ethics, sometimes even talent. Many born into prosperous looting of possessions, lifting themselves by their gold encrusted bootstraps, void of humility.

We hastily build these imaginary statues, stars imbedded in a prized walk of fame, where talent and worth rub shoulders with gluttony.

We have little regard for prophets of the mind who offer salvation for our souls from autocratic demons intent on destruction of human worth, lapping up the blood of our children’s future, while we watch helplessly gasping for breath.

We cannot breathe by our own self-inflicted strangulation.

A world created on love alone cannot weather these storms of rage without warriors of critical thought and artistic value leading the way. Wealth must be measured differently. We cannot sustain this gluttony of arrogance.

Love’s nativity cannot be shattered if human value remains our most cherished trait.

If every person is given value as their commodity to plant in the soil to withstand the elements of life, weathered but not beaten, given the freedom and responsibility to nurture the mind first, the ego last.

Maybe…just maybe…we can achieve a world worthy of our presence through our own humility that cannot be for sale.

I hope we are worthy of such an awakening! We do not need organized religions to lead us astray again and again. We need organized self actualized love of ourselves and our innate power to control a world we can design for us all. That is the greatest definition of faith.



Daniel Louis Duncan

Writer, researcher, lover of history, philosophy, politics and critical thought