Where do we go from here?

I’m currently reading Lyndsey Stonebridge’s “Writing & Righting: Literature in the Age of Human Rights” Oxford University Press, 2021. A short readable volume on current events melding with past events through the eyes of literature and critical thought sublime, with a thorough cast of characters….Arendt, Dunne, Woolf, Saadi, Freud, Sontag….Balibar’s ‘’intensive universality’ working for new interpretations of the principles of citizenship’ through collective local and transnational action”. What truly are we capable of collectively?

Inevitably, my daily life is a perplexing journey of questions followed by in-depth research and analysis which often leads to dead ends of philosophical gray, mundane, depressing, empty despondency about human existence and it’s peril…and yet…hope. Then I walk outside in a vibrant sun filled awakening of human activity at the fringe of the COVID-19 year long bowels and breathe the stale air through my double mask….hope. I am still capable of hope.

60 Minutes UFO’s

Apparently, our government has known for some time we are not alone. Their decision to not believe in our ability to digest such news is an indictment to our gluttonous egomaniac leaders and shape shifters who arrogantly think FOR us. We remain ill equipped for life because we don’t garner trust and faith in our abilities in critical thought. A constant game of red rover with our brains, shoving black and white answers that distracts from forced intellectual understanding and cognition of gray material. Are we capable of grasping life’s complexities? How can we know if we are consistently led like wolf packs?

Do we accept there are more sentient beings who are watching us, waiting to intervene to save us from utter stupidity and our own destruction? Or are they set to devour us like the sharks devour octopi, delicate intellectual beings who live approximately 365 days? Is life meant to be long and mundane or short and impressive?

I can honestly tell you, the last 20 years of my life 40–60 have been the most learned, thought provoking, difficult, and rewarding. The first 40 seems to have been only in preparation for my souls inner development to begin. I still have little knowledge of what it takes to make money for money’s sake, to my financial detriment. My inner growth is another story, gained richness no amount of money could replace or purchase.

There is no doubt in my mind we are being asked, as humans, to evolve. There are those who are ill equipped for this demand, and they are of great danger to human kind. Citizenship must be redefined. We must become citizens of the world without borders. That task is monumental and an evolution we have never been able to realize. We must or we dance on the edge of destruction at our own hands. Are we willing? Are we worthy? Are we capable? Will the unidentified flying objects help us, watch us implode, or finish us off? I hope we can show them something impressive.


Writer, researcher, lover of history, philosophy, politics and critical thought

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Daniel Louis Duncan

Writer, researcher, lover of history, philosophy, politics and critical thought